Bedroom Furniture – Perfect For Creating a Roman Escape

When you think of romance in the home, there is no better room to bring this to life than through bedroom furniture. After all, the bedroom is supposed to the most romantic Fun Escape Room in the house. How you decorate your bedroom can take the romance to the next level.

Many romantic legends harken back to early Rome. Women wore flowing outfits with flowers woven into their hair. The architecture was beautiful and clean; white marble pillars, handsome flowers and vines growing out of urns. Why not turn your bedroom into a Roman escape so you not only take a step into the boudoir but also a step back in time.

The centerpiece of any bedroom furniture set is the bed. When creating an early Roman theme you will need to make sure to put a bed in place that captures the essence of this place in time. The headboard should look as if it were carved in marble. While there are marble headboards out there they are expensive and heavy, so a little faux painting can reach the same effect. Additionally, you should consider a four-poster bed that replaces the posts with pillars. When it comes to the bedding you are going to choose for the bed, think crisp colors. Often white is chosen as the color of choice to make the bed look even cleaner. The other option is to choose something that has a more flowered appearance. When done right, the bed will look like it came right out of an ancient Roman palace.

When it comes to the rest of your bedroom furniture, the selection for the bed should be a guide. Often, distressed white woods are chosen, or again, pieces that look as if they could have been made of marble.

Next are the accents. Many people get lost when it comes time to accent bedroom furniture. They think, this is supposed to be a traditional space, how do you accent it well? Start simple. In this case, think of those pillars around the bed. They can be easily dressed up with sheer canopies draped between them. While you have that sheer material out, put some of it over your windows, creating wispy curtains.

Next, don’t forget Rome appreciated the beauty of nature. Bring some of that inside. No, we are not talking about putting a garden in your bedroom, but instead, some fake ivy creeping down the pillars around the bed, or other pieces of bedroom furniture, or out of the corner of the room. Maybe you can find some urns that would look as if they could have carried water in Roman times. These could be a beautiful accent piece in one corner, with vines crawling out of them as well. You may even be able to find a statue of a Roman goddess or two to bring into the mix.

Next, appreciate your walls. Paintings of ancient Rome, flowers and the like will make a great addition and help to complete the look of your room.

While your project is underway, remember to have fun. That’s what it’s all about. This is supposed to be a space that has some of your personality and life in it. Enjoy the creative process.

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