dr-simeons-hcg diet planTHE HCG DIET PLAN EXPLAINED

The HCG Diet was first discovered by a British doctor named Dr. ATW Simeon’s in the late 1950’s. After years of clinical study, he published a book called “Pounds & Inches: A New Approach To Obesity” which outlined the complete HCG diet protocol and the results of his weight loss study. The HCG diet did not really gain in popularity until 2007 when Kevin Trudeau wrote a book called “The Weight Loss Cure, What They Don’t Want You to Know” which contained detailed information about Dr. Simeon’s findings, and called the HCG diet the weight loss cure. At that time, Human Chorionic Gonadotripin, or HCG was only available in painful injections. You had to get a prescription from a doctor, and visit the clinic once a week to receive your injection. At that time, the HCG diet plan was still only being used by a few weight loss doctors and the cost was anywhere from $1500-$5000 for a 23 day treatment! In 2008 HCG diet drops were created, which allowed dieters to take oral liquid to get the recommended daily dose of the hormone. Creating an simpler, less painful, and cost effective way to use the HCG diet. Since that time, millions of people have shared their weight loss success stories while using hcg drops and following the HCG diet protocol.



The diet plan consists of taking 12-15 drops of HCG 20 minutes before each meal daily, and then following a healthy calorie restricted diet. The original HCG protocol by Dr. Simeon’s calls for a daily calorie intake of 500 calories, although this can be modified to work with a caloric intake of 500-1200 calories daily. We recommend starting the HCG diet with the 500 calories, and if you need to; raising the daily intake 200 calories at a time until you are comfortable with the amount of food you are eating. 90% of our users have no problem sticking to the 500 VLCD because the HCG hormone causes you to feel full when you are eating the recommended foods. Another reason the low calorie diet is possible is because the HCG hormone is telling your body to release stored fat to be be burned as energy. So although you are only consuming 500 calories daily, the hormone is triggering your body to use the excess fat as energy, resulting in weight loss of 1/2 lb to 3 pounds per day! See a HCG diet food plan list here.

Weight-loss-with-HCGThe biggest question question that arises about the HCG diet is: Wouldn’t I just lose weight if I followed a 500 or very low calorie diet? The answer to the question is yes, BUT the body can only sustain that low calorie intake for so long before it goes into starvation mode. (Usually only a few days) The body starts to realize that food is getting scarce and will begin to keep the stored fat it has in reserves, not releasing it to be burned as energy. Not to mention the hunger pains can be unbearable. HCG dieters have said it would be near impossible for them to only eat 500 calories per day without the help of the appetite suppressing properties of HCG hormone drops. Can we put comfortable and 500 calories a day in the same sentence? Users of SlimLife HCG drops say: YES you can! How does Oral HCG Work? Sublingual HCG is more than just an appetite suppressant. It is a powerful hormone that works with already present hormones in the body to release stored fat to be burned while doing no damage to muscle tissue. Our oral HCG drops are administered with a dropper under the tongue 3 times daily, before each meal.

Once you complete the HCG protocol and have reached your goal weight, your body’s hypothalamus will literally reset your body’s weight set-point. What’s different about the HCG diet, is that unless you return to eating foods with toxins, high fat, sweets, and high glycemic foods (like you did before you reached your goal weight), you will keep the weight off! HCG has been called the “weight loss cure” because of hundreds of thousands of past HCG users testimonials and weight loss success stories about how they lost a large amount of weight and kept it off!